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We are a faith based academy and strongly believe children learn best through stimulating environment. Our goal is to create a positive and impactful experience that will help children develop not only their large motor skills, imagination, engineering and problem solving, but also social skills based on Christian values.  We believe that these skills will help foster strong and healthy relationships now and as they grow older. 


Our desire is to teach the children about God's love and to give them the opportunity to discover, experiment, and explore their world and own unique gifts which will result in joyful children growing at their own rate in their individual manners.

Kids in Preschool

At New Foundation Christian Academy, we strive to provide a clean, safe and educational environment for young children and their families. Within our care, children develop skills that promote physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth. We believe in being supportive of our parents, and we welcome their positive involvement and presence at New Foundation Christian Academy at all times. We further believe that within our environment, children can thrive and have the opportunity to blossom into responsible and contributing members of our society.

Samantha Jonson 


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